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Rotary Club of Mission Beach run the local market throughout the year. They are held at Ulysses Park, Porters Promenade, Mission Beach.
Mission Beach Market is held on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month of the year, as well as the last Sunday of every month from Easter through to November.  Official trading hours for this market is from 7.30am to 12 noon.
MARKET BOOKINGS:  0491 679 819 
Conditions of entry and participation for MISSION BEACH MARKET​
Official trading hours ​7.30am to 12.00pm
Strict adherence to COVID-19 requirements for the Market include:
DO NOT attend if you are unwell - please stay home.
Keep to social distancing rules at all times, and please do not be offended if a stallholder or Rotary representative asks you to respect social distancing.
Sanitiser is available at all stalls.
Hand soap and spray disinfectant is available and should be used at the portable toilet on site.
COVID-19 requirements include having hand sanitiser available at each stall, and social distance signage highly visable. 
All stall holders are to confirm their site number and pay their site fees to the Rotary Supervisor who will be on site. ​Please have the applicable fee ready to hand to the Rotarian. Regular stall holders will be assigned the same site at the following market unless they miss a market – if a market is missed and Chris May is not notified on 0491 679 819 during business hours the week before the following market, the site could be assigned to another person.  
All booked sites not occupied by 7.00 AM will be available to patrons who have not booked. If you have booked a site and cannot attend the coming market, phone Chris May on 0491 679 81 up until 5.00PM on Saturday, or early Sunday morning.  
We stress that no stalls are to pack up, cease trading or leave their site before  the official closing time. 
NO motor vehicles are allowed to be driven in the market area during trading times. 
MISSION BEACH MARKET  $15.00 per site - Easter through until November
MISSION BEACH MARKET $10.00 per site - December until first Easter Market
Stall holders are reminded that they are responsible for their personal public liability insurance to cover the area of their site in the event of an accident – ​ Rotary’s Insurance Company requires that Insurance Certificates are displayed on site in the event of an insurance related incident.
In the event a stall holder has no insurance a charge of ​$6.00 will be charged to be covered by Rotary’s Public Liability Policy and is to be paid with the stall fee.
All stall holders goods, marquees, awnings and signage are to be located within the area of their allocated site. Items overhanging or placed in the public walkway are not permitted as this is an insurance liability issue and will not be tolerated.  It is a requirement that all gazebo’s are to be secured by pegging or sandbagging in case of wind gusts.   
The sale (or giving away) of animals at these markets is not permitted. 
COVID-19 rules apply to your food stall and it is your responsibility to comply with Queensland Government Health Regulations at all times.
All food vendors are required to have a valid Council Food Licence or Temporary Food Stall Licence on display  as per the Queensland State Health Act.  A stall holder may sell a licenced manufacturers packaged food, as long as the name and licence number is shown on the label. (honey, jam, biscuits, cakes etc).  Cutting of fruit or vegetables for sale requires a Temporary Food Stall Licence from Council.   Fruit sampling requires same health requirements as per Food Vendors, see Market organiser for latest Council requirement.  Eggs for sale must come from an accredited supplier. 
Electrical equipment must be Tagged & Tested, and comply with Australian Standards and Queensland Law. Before operation of any electrical equipment is permitted within market boundaries, an electrical form must be obtained from the market organiser and signed by the operator, stating they are aware of the Mission Beach Market electrical requirements. 
Please ensure no rubbish is left on site – rubbish bins are provided.
Cardboard boxes are to be removed from site by the stall holder. 
Thank you for your patronage, be assured your attendance at the Market is greatly appreciated by all members of the community who benefit from your support. We endeavour to keep the rules to a minimum but unfortunately to maintain a safe environment and working within the requirements of the bureaucracy, we apply the minimum rules possible.
The smooth running of the markets by unpaid Rotary Volunteers takes a considerable effort, requiring us to be as efficient as possible with our Rotarians time. Your cooperation is appreciated. 
Thank you and have a great day!
For Market Information or queries call Chris May on phone 0491 679 81 during business hours.